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NSW Crime Reports 1995 - 2012

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About Unlocked

Unlocking government data, so that you don't have to.

With a world of public data the possibilities are endless but too often, valuable government data is given over in formats that are unusable.

Users have different needs, requiring different subsets or representations of the data. Unlockd solves this problem by standardising all data into one format and storing it in a centralised repository. Public servants upload all their data through one interface, and don't need to worry about any technicalities. Users can then access the data through a neat visual interface, choose any part of the data they want, pick any format they want the data to be turned into, and then download that format of the data.

This creates the first ever standardised body of government data that users of all different levels of technical expertise can access and use. Very technical users can access JSON and CSV data that they need for their analysis, whereas less technical users can easily access PDF and XLS outputs from the web application without needing to do any tricky conversion.

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